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Sangrur, Punjab, India !

Grab The Most Reliable Range of Flower Seeds, Vegetable Seeds and Herbs Seeds At Fair Prices...

About Us

For the customers who seek for various flower/vegetable seeds to practice cultivation for personal or commercial purposes, we, at Global Flower Seeds, have been working as a manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler. For around 23 years now, we have been a hand of great resource for customers in India as well as abroad. To whom, we have been committed to serve the finest product range which exceeds their every single expectation. Our offered range expands with items such as Flower Seeds, Vegetable Seeds and Herbs Seeds.

Our offered range is cultivated on the most fertile soil, and being located in advantageous location, Sangrur (Punjab) which is known for its adequate temperature conditions, we are able to generate the most preferable range of Flowers/Vegetables seeds. With our effective & high result generating seeds, one can personally witness the cultivation of Beetroots, Beans and a variety of beautiful flowers at much conscious level.

For decades, we have kept our focus on the growth & development of business. After accomplishing enormous milestones, all we seek for now is to maintain the level of success & stability which we have been carrying for years. And, build a brighter future of our enterprise in the production & supply of various seeds.

Seeds Industry in India

The agricultural sector is completely dependent upon the quality, availability and supply of seeds for productive harvest. Last year, Indian seed market reached USD $4.1 billion, which uplifted our economic growth by 15.7% approx. Various universities, industries and R&D departments have been contributing into the sector for the growth & improvement of quality that is being served to the customers. Amongst whom is our Global Flower Seeds, which has invested its hours of efforts, money & other resources for serving the finest range of Vegetable Seeds, Flower Seeds and Herbs Seeds.

Why Choose Us?

Today, a large number of customer in India and overseas have been flourishing in the industry with our support for quantitative & qualitative range of seeds. The reasons why they choose us over others are:
  • For timely fulfillment of orders
  • For budget constraint price range
  • For easy accessibility and expert guidance
  • For professionalism & ethical business practices

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